In my camera bag

A few years ago I bought a Nikon FE2 analog camera which has changed my way of taking photos.
Nikon FE2
It’s really a special feeling to operate the manual settings and not able to see the results instantly on the a LCD-screen at the back of the camera .It does something with the shooting, and the moment when the picture is taken.

Everything feels more real and makes me feel more in the presence of what I do !

Fuji XT1The analog Nikon has now also led to that I made a change of my digital system camera to a Fujifilm XT1.
And the main reason for the change is that XT1 is very similar to Nikon FE2 in the manual handling with the controls on the top of the camera.

The image processing in the camera provides very nice pictures and also like the size of the camera, all packaged in a small convenient and durable chassis with good weather sealing.

I now carry my camera with me most of the time and simply takes more pictures.

For the camera i use the lenses; 18 mm 1,8f 2,0 R och ett 35 mm/1,4 R, wich covers most of the needs I have.


Mamiya RB67 is a heavy medium-format camera with a wide angle lens, is a camera i use a lot when i take nature and landscape photos. I love the feeling of the workflow and the shuttersound is beautiful. 
Another medium-format camera that i tend to use a lot is my Zeiss Super Ikonta with a Tessar 2,8 len, delivers really good 120mm negatives and is fun to use.

The smallest camera i alway have with me in my pocket is an Olympus XA, a little beauty with a great lens often loaded with a Tri-X 400.

I also have some other analog cameras; Aires Reflex TLR, Zeizz Ikon Nettar, Yashica 35 MF, Nikon 35 LW.

Some of the pictures I capture with my smartphone is published at my Intagram account @Jetuma

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