120 film negatives back from the lab

Light in the forest - 120 film

A while ago I bought two older medium format cameras, a Mamiya RB67 Pro and a Zeiss Ikon Nettar.

My plans are to use these cameras for a project I will be working with, and I was full of curiosity to see how the first film rolls turned out after my first few shots in the forest .

And last week I got my first 120 film negatives back from the photo lab and scanned them, so could get a closer look.

120 film neagtives

I think the result in some of the pictures are really good and love how the film handles light and dark.

With a bit more experimentation and creativity I think it will work out perfect to the photo project I will work with.

Another thing I really like is the way and the feeling of taking the pictures with these cameras.

It´s a simpler (but also harder), slower and beautiful process, wich does something harmonic with me and hope it will comes out in some way in the photos.

Forest- 120 film Nettar

Trinkteufel nights


”Trinkteufel nights” is the name of the project I worked with at the photo workshop I partiscipated in with the photographer Michael Ackerman.

My goal with this project was trying to documenting people i met and the atmosphere in a bar in Berlin.

I spent three nights (and early mornings) at the bar Trinkteufel in Kreutzberg, observing and speaking to people in the bar. Late the first night I met this tough and hard looking man, who looked like a gangster, and everyone was afraid of (me too). We ended up talking, and he told me the story of his life, and about how he had lost almost everything in war and about his struggle to get back on his feet. I went back, and got to know him and the bar even better.

It was a challange for me, trying to get in contact with the people and then photograph them, but I really tried my best and these pictures show some of the people I met at Trinkteufel a warm week in the month of July 2016.

You can also read my experience from the photoworkshop with Michael Ackerman

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