”Alone” is a part of Skaraborgssalongen 2017


My photo ”Alone” has been accepted to the art exhibition Skaraborgssalongen 2017.

I am really glad to be a part of this art exhibition, in the town where I was born, so it will in a way be kind of back to the roots.

It’s a photo taken with an analogue 35mm camera and Tri-X 400 film during a visit in the forest outside of Mariestad earlier this year.

”Alone” is a part of my project ”Breathing in the silence” consisting of analogue black and whites nature and landscape photos.

The exhibition ”Skaraborgssalongen 2017” opens up the 18th of May at Skövde Art museum and will hang there all summer until it closes the 19th of August.

So if you are on a roadtrip through Sweden this summer, I really think you should take a break here and pay it a visit!