120 film negatives back from the lab

Light in the forest - 120 film

A while ago I bought two older medium format cameras, a Mamiya RB67 Pro and a Zeiss Ikon Nettar.

My plans are to use these cameras for a project I will be working with, and I was full of curiosity to see how the first film rolls turned out after my first few shots in the forest .

And last week I got my first 120 film negatives back from the photo lab and scanned them, so could get a closer look.

120 film neagtives

I think the result in some of the pictures are really good and love how the film handles light and dark.

With a bit more experimentation and creativity I think it will work out perfect to the photo project I will work with.

Another thing I really like is the way and the feeling of taking the pictures with these cameras.

It´s a simpler (but also harder), slower and beautiful process, wich does something harmonic with me and hope it will comes out in some way in the photos.

Forest- 120 film Nettar


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