Vernissage at Arvika Konsthall


On my way to Paris Photo I passed the city Arvika in Värmland and handed in three of my photos from the project ‘Breathing in the silence’ in hope to be a part of the Christmas exhibition at the Arvika Arthall.

The jury for the exhibition was the Norwegian artist Geir Yttervik, and I was privileged to be one of those he chose for the exhibition and a part of the selection of Värmland contemporary art.

Mattias KarlssonArvika Arthall is a very beautiful place and perfect for art exhibitions, and a lot of people visited the vernissage (wich was held at saturday).

The exhibition is open untill the 30th of December 2016 (for opening hours visit the Arvika Konsthall website)

I really think it is a good exhibition and well worth a visit if you are nearby Arvika.



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