The Clown Bulgo

A while ago I wrote an articel for an magazine at work and did an interview with the actor Jonny Lundgren who also is the clown called Bulgo.

I also got the opertunity to follow Bulgo when he was visiting children at a hospital.

And it was very touching to see the sensitive connection between the children and Bulgo, how their mood changed and a glimt of joy lightened up in their eyes, even though some of the children were really sick.

It was a really nice experience to meet Jonny (…and Bulgo) and see what he ment for the children he visited.




The artist Björn Molin

Björn Molin
The artist Björn Molin

Björn Molin is an abstract expressionist artist who lives in Värmland, Sweden.

I have meet him several times and he is a very nice and kind person.

The art he creates is beautiful, emotional and powerful, and for the most of times in black and white.

Visit his webpage and take a look at his art work and you can also find him at Instagram @bjornmolindustries.

Earlier this year the local newspaper VF published an articel about Björn – I huvudet på en abstrakt expressionist