My photo workshop with Michael Ackerman


In July this summer I went to Berlin for a five-day photo workshop with the american photographer Michael Ackerman.

It was the first time I participated in a photo workshop, so I didnt really know what to expect coming out of it.

The main reason I attended the workshop, was that feel stuck in my photographing and was hoping that a workshop could help and inspire me to moving me forward in some way.

Now I have the experience and it was a fantastic week in several ways!

We were eight participants from different parts of Europe and Colin the scottish guy living in Singapore. They all inspired me a lot and I am so glad to have met these wonderful people and great photograpers.

Micheal Grieve and Michael Ackerman

I´ve got so many deeper insights about photography in general and also in my own photographing, Things have both been more clearer, but also more complicated. In which case I now have a lot new ideas that I will explore and start working with.

It was indeed five days of intense hard work, with both critiques and rewarding discussions about pictures and photography, and of course a lot of photographing in our own projects and tasks we got.

Alisa Resnik
During the week we also had two guests (Alisa Resnik and Damien Daufresne) that came and visited us in the studio. They showed us and talked about their work, shared thier experience and  thoughts about photography.

Damien Daufresne

I truly appreciate the engagement of Michael Ackerman in everybody’s progress. He pushed us and gave honest feedback to our work under the whole week and he also braught us his private photobooks for inspiration to everyone. I also very much appreciated the presence and interplay of the photographer Michael Grieves who arranged the workshop (Berlin Foto Kiez).

All in all the workshop was a great experience and a awesome week that i will never forget!

So if you stuggel with a project, need coaching, inpiration, seeking challanges or just want to meet other photographers, I can really recomend you to attend in a photo workshop.

I love Berlin and I know Berlin Foto Kiez will have new workshop next summer, so have your eyes open and check out theire website and Facebook-page.

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